Illusive Familly

Thierry Tilquin
How can virtual and physical design interact, merge or influence each other? Focusing on new developments both in design and society, [SENNE] holds a unique position amongst Brussels’ design and art spaces. An independent, non-commercial space, Senne presents biannual presentations with innovative art and design commissions especially developed for the space. Following exhibitions with El Ultimo Grito (2013), Raw Edges (2014), and Matali Crasset (2015), [SENNE] will now present its first group exhibition. During Design September, [SENNE] presents “Digital illusion”, an exhibition that explores digital virtuosity as a new form of craftsmanship. The exhibition will include work by Bastiaan de Nennie, Exonemo, The Extrapolation Factory, Kim Laughton, M. Plummer Fernandez, Yuri Suzuki, and Louisa Zahareas. Bastiaan de Nennie’s project “The Digital Virtuosity”, for example, examines digital fluency by digitally deconstructing and reassembling familiar physical things into completely new objects. Equally engaged with socio-cultural entanglements with technology, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez developed “Glitch Reality”, a 3D-printed non-matching set of teaware expressing the inevitable glitches derived from analogue-to-digital-to-analogue translation. The Extrapolation Factory, an imagination-based studio for design-led futures studies, develops collaborative prototypes and visions for possible futures. These projects include “The Emoto Converter”, a device for turning human memories into currency, and “Cryptocricket”, a cricket radio that can communicate with programmed insects in order to determine if they might embody cryptocurrency. Together, all these different positions provide methods to probe, critique, and investigate digital technology in the broadest sense, and how it influences our perception of the world. GALLERY SENNE DIGITAL / PHYGITAL ILLUSION